C.I.N.E.M.A. Partners With New Lobbyist

As of May 6, 2019, C.I.N.E.M.A.'s leadership released BFHS as its lobbying representation. We thank the Brownstein team for their efforts across the past 6+ years. We could not have attained our legislative successes without them.

Consequently, as of July 1, 2019, C.I.N.E.M.A. will start the next phase of our mission "to galvanize C.I.N.E.M.A.’s relationships with political and industry leaders and their organizations in order to expand Colorado’s permanent multimedia production infrastructure and to garner investment throughout the state" by commencing the engagement of Jeff Thormodsgaard, Partner, Michael Best Strategies (MBS) as C.I.N.E.M.A.'s new lobbying representation.

Jeff has garnered expertise in Healthcare, Hotels & Tourism, Telecom, as well as other industries during his 14 legislative sessions at the Colorado State Capitol. More importantly, Jeff has a passion for media in Colorado and believes there is a ripe opportunity for the media industry to become an economic growth engine for our state.

Accordingly, we have begun working with Jeff on C.I.N.E.M.A.'s 2020 legislative strategy. We will use the resulting strategy to focus our messaging when meeting with Colorado Legislators and with the state's Executive leadership. Our coalition's goal is to meet with every Legislator as well as the Governor's office prior to the commencement of the 2020 legislative session.

During the interim and beyond, C.I.N.E.M.A. needs your assistance in three ways: (1) please contribute to and promote C.I.N.E.M.A.'s fundraising needs for its lobbying efforts; (2) share and engage with C.I.N.E.M.A.'s Facebook page and its website; and, when applicable, (3) participate in lobbying events, PR campaigns, and rallies.

Thanks for your continued support of C.I.N.E.M.A. and let us know if you have any questions or comments regarding this note.